WTF is up with the power levels in Marvel vs Capcom 3?

Any time you have two unrelated worlds cross over, there's a certain degree of rule-bending you have to allow. Of COURSE someone like Chun Li couldn't take down Galactus, but for the sake of gameplay we accept that she can. After all, it's not a very fun game if half the characters can't stand up to Hulk, Thor or Wesker.


The game's profile pages contain power grids for each character that are wildly out of synch with each other, and suggest many decades-old Marvel heroes are less capable than most of Capcom's fighting-game-only characters. Suitably outraged, I grabbed Henry (for Marvel nerdidity) and Chris (for grounded "who gives a shit"-ity) and scrolled through EVERY SINGLE character profile, scruitinizing each one for accuracy and consistency.

It's borderline stupid, but oh man was it fun.

Above: REALLY? Chris beefarms Redfield is stronger, smarter, faster and tougher than Captain America??

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