Marvel vs Capcom 3 launch party video

Earlier this week Marvel, Capcom, IGN and Sprint tooktheir giant piles of money andthrew one of the most lavish launch parties we've ever seen. There were gift bags, cosplayers, photo booths, hands-on sessions with Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV 3DS, plus a Patron-showered musical act hosted by David Banner and featuring DJ Qbert, Hieroglyphics and Ghostface Killahof the Wu-Tang Clan. But best of all... it was open to the public! Fans lined up hours in advance, ready to get plastered and"acta fool."

I was able to pester some of first people in the door and ask them who would win in a fight between various Marvel and Capcom characters, so please to enjoy watching said hilarity. And then scroll on down for photos taken by our own Cheryll del Rosario!

Above: Cosplayers unite! Only four more hours until you can go in

Above: Spidey strutting his substantial stuff

Above: While waiting in line, you could read over some giant sized comic panels

Above: More art and put-out bouncers

Above: More like Captain CORPORATE America

Above: Everyone getting hands-on time with MvC3

Above: Iron Man attempting to bury the hatchet, but Deadpool ain't playin'

Above: DJ Goldenchyld opened up the night

Above: Which led into DJ Qbert's set, where he and Goldenchyld scratched over various Street Fighter SFX. Hadouken!

Above: So uh, then it starts to get pretty crazy once David Banner pulls out a gallon of Patron and pours it all over the crowd

Brett Elston

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