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Writers strike closer to ending?

Hollywood's striking writers have had a successful week of “informal talks” with Tinseltown’s major studios, according to the LA Times, meaning everyone might be able to start making movies again soon.

Eyeball-to-eyeball discussions began between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers began last Wednesday for the first time since contract talks collapsed on Dec 7.

There’s no agreement yet on how much writers should be paid when their films and TV shows are unspooled on the internet, so things could still stay stuck in nowhereland.

While we cross our fingers, eyes and arses, here’s a round-up of five brilliant films you’re missing out on because of the strike…

1. Bruno
Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen
The Borat and Sweeney Todd funnyman finished scripting his film about gay fashion presenter Bruno, but shooting can’t happen because Cohen needs off-the-cuff rewrites for his improv style. D’oh.

2. Transformers 2
Starring: Shia LaBoeuf
No script at all for this one. Not usually a problem for Michael Bay film, but even he will have to push back production – meaning we may not see this mega-sequel until 2010.

3. Shantaram
Starring: Johnny Depp
JD was going to be an Oz smack addict who escapes prison, pretends to be a doctor in India, then fights the Russians in Afghanistan. Not he isn’t.

4. Pinkville
Starring Bruce Willis
Oliver Stone's historical potboiler about an army general (Bruce Willis) investigating the My Lai Massacre is on ice, because Stone's loves to fiddle with the script mid-shoot. Willis duly dropped out.

5. Justice League of America
Starring: Adam Brody, Megan Gale
Superman, Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman have no shooting script and all mooted cast members for this superhero ensemble are probably gone with the wind.