Wrestling with choices

The final thing we saw was the extensive work that has been done on the Create-a-wrestler mode. Specifically, you can now create entrances for your wrestler, and the retooled entrance designer gives you complete control over the timing of each and every incendiary device and lighting effect, so you can be sure your wrestler steps out with class.

As far as customizations for your wrestler himself (or herself - see, there's a key customization right there!), the bar that has been set with the 360 is easily matched. You thought Oblivion gave you a ton of options for shaping your character? WWE Smackdown! Vs RAW delivers eight sliders for your character's nose alone that enable you to adjust virtually every dimension of its shnoz. In addition, you can bust out with some aging effects if you envision your wrestler to be seasoned (or even past his prime).

Along with 250 new pieces of clothing (which can be "stylized" so that a baseball cap can be tilted to the side if you prefer it that way), you'll also have access to a wide variety of body textures. These textures enable you to add tattoos, wounds or body hair that you can colorize in whatever bizarre shade you like (we have already drawn up plans to create Blanka of Street Fighter II fame).

Once the demo was done, it was clear to us that WWE Smackdown! Vs RAW is your game... no matter what game that may be. With a huge host of game modes and customization options, we're looking forward to building our own wrestling empire this November.