Worms: Open Warfare 2

If the impending sunny weather and free-time of another pitiless summer is getting you down, you'll be happy to know that there'll still be a way to fight it out on the go. THQ's second foray into invertebrate battle is hitting a portable system near you, in the form of Worms: Open Warfare 2, and it's very much the same classic game that has made engaging in strategic warfare cuddly and addictive for well over a decade.

For those who haven't been drafted onto the squirmy battle field of Worms yet, Open Warfare 2 marks the return of the renowned turn-based strategy that has kept friends fighting on nearly every platform worth owning. As two teams of, you guessed it, worms, square off on a 2-D battlefield, adorably inspired by some of the most violently recognizable skirmishes in mankind's history, you'll be assigned the duty of moving members of your squirmy squadron, as well as assigning each a task.

Open Warfare 2 ups your arsenal to an alarming roster of 24 weapons for your worms' newest outing, which you'll employ to either pick of your foes or blast the terrain out from under their nonexistent feet. The classics, such as the bazooka and fire punch, are back, as well as the sheep - now as cape-clad "Super Sheep" that can fly at the user's command.Livestock aside, new editions include the terrain based Buffalo of Lies that'll careen through obstacles, and the Concrete Donkey, which will plummet from the sky laying waste to anything unfortunate enough exist underneath it.

And for the first time ever, Worms goes on the defensive. The strategy gets deeper as offense-based aggression will have to contend with a new era of defensive weaponry. Sentry turrets can be placed to guard hold-outs, and from the ACME catalog, the Electro Magnet has the ability to repel air strikes as well repel metal based weapons carried by individual aggressors.