WoW Classic servers: Complete WoW Classic server list for every region and timezone

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As expected, the WoW Classic servers have been rather busy since launch, with some crazy login queues happening on some of the busier WoW Classic servers. While this certainly bodes well for WoW Classic's future – Blizzard is pretty clear in this statement that it's looking at the bigger picture. The population of some realms on the WoW Classic server list may be off-putting if you're thinking of jumping in to see what all the fuss is about, but worry not because we've got all of the WoW Classic servers here so you can see which is the best fit for you.

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As we approach the two-week mark since Classic launched, queues have calmed down quite considerably for most servers, though you can still expect to see moderate queues in the evenings and at weekends. But aside from a server's population, there are a couple of other things you should take into account when choosing where to create your new character.

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If you enjoy open-world PvP and you don't mind the possibility of your leveling being disrupted by the opposing faction, then a PvP server is likely your thing. But if you'd rather play it safe, normal realms require you to manually turn on PvP mode if you want to pick a fight. You can also choose a roleplaying (RP) server if you like to get into character and immerse yourself in the world and rich history that Azeroth has to offer.

Before you make your final decision, it might be worthwhile heading over to to see which servers some of the bigger streamers have made their home. While it might be cool to see Preach or Asmongold while you're out and about in Azeroth, these servers are likely to be the most heavily populated. These include Faerlina (NA), Pagle (NA) and Shazzrah (EU).

WoW Classic servers: Normal

WoW Classic servers

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PvP is not enabled on these servers unless you choose to turn it on manually, and then you'll only be able to attack other players or NPCs that also have PvP enabled. If you're just looking to enjoy the leveling experience without the hassle of being attacked by players of the opposing faction, a normal server is the best choice.

Mirage Raceway (English)
Nethergarde Keep (English)
Pyrewood Village (English)
Auberdine (French)
Everlook (German)
Razorfen (German)
Lakeshire (German)
Chromie (Russian)

Ashkandi (Eastern)
Atiesh (Pacific)
Azuresong (Pacific)
Mankrik (Eastern)
Myzrael (Pacific)
Old Blanchy (Pacific)
Pagle (Eastern)
Westfall (Eastern)
Windseeker (Eastern)

Remulos (Australian Eastern Time)

WoW Classic servers: PvP

WoW Classic servers

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You'll automatically be flagged for PvP on these servers and can attack (or be attacked!) by other players. If you enjoy PvP and/or planning on leveling with friends who do, a PvP realm may be a good fit.

The busiest servers (largely thanks to streamers) and ones that you really want to avoid are Shazzrah (EU) and Faerlina (US).

Ashbringer (English)
Bloodfang (English)
Dreadmist (English)
Firemaw (English)
Flamelash (English)
Gandling (English)
Gehennas (English)
Golemagg (English)
Judgement (English)
Mograine (English)
Noggenfogger (English)
Razorgore (English)
Shazzrah (English)
Skullflame (English)
Stonespine (English)
Ten Storms (English)
Amnennar (French)
Sulfuron (French)
Finkle (French)
Lucifron (German)
Venoxis (German)
Patchwerk (German)
Dragon's Call (German)
Transcendence (German)
Flamegor (Russian)
Wyrmthalak (Russian)
Rhok'delar (Russian)

Anathema (Pacific)
Bigglesworth (Pacific)
Benediction (Eastern)
Blaumeux (Pacific)
Faerlina (Eastern)
Fairbanks (Pacific)
Herrod (Eastern)
Incendius (Eastern)
Kirtonos (Eastern)
Kurinaxx (Pacific)
Kromcrush (Eastern)
Netherwind (Eastern)
Rattlegore (Pacific)
Skeram (Eastern)
Smolderweb (Pacific)
Stalagg (Eastern)
Sulfuras (Eastern)
Thalnos (Eastern)
Thunderfury (Pacific)
Whitemane (Pacific)

Arugal (Australian Eastern Time)
Felstriker (Australian Eastern Time)
Yojamba (Australian Eastern Time)

WoW Classic servers: Roleplay

Roleplaying servers are for players that really want to immerse themselves into the game and, well, roleplay. Even if you're not into RP yourself, there's something really wholesome about seeing players interact with each as they play out their character's day to day life while the rest of us are frantically trying to reach max level.

Hydraxian Waterlords - Normal (English)
Zandalar Tribe - PvP (English)

Bloodsail Buccaneers - Normal (Eastern)
Deviant Delight - PvP (Eastern)
Grobbulus - PvP (Pacific)

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