Worst To Best: Music Stars Turned Movie Stars


The Music Star: Born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (no wonder he shortened it), Sting started out as the lead singer of The Police. Decent film credits include debut Quadrophenia , Dune and The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen .

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career:
“Giant steps are what you take, Walking on the moon, I hope my legs don't break, Walking on the moon…”

Tom Waits

The Music Star: Possessor of a distinct, rumbling growl of a voice, Waits is a singer-songwriter, composer and actor who’s appeared in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Paradise Alley , and received an Oscar nomination for his One From The Heart soundtrack.

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career: “Clap hands, Clap hands, Clap hands, Clap hands…”

Dean Martin

The Music Star: Affectionately dubbed the ‘king of cool’, Dean Martin had charisma coming out of every orifice (sorry), not least when singing the lyrics of ‘That’s Amore’ and ‘You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You.’

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career: “When the world seems to shine, like you've had too much wine, that's amore…”

Mark Wahlberg

The Music Star: Enjoyed flashing his abs (and his pants) throughout the 1990s as the frontman of Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch before becoming a surprisingly credible actor with credits including Boogie Nights, Three Kings, The Departed and The Fighter .

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career: “It's such a good vibration, It's such a sweet sensation…”

Justin Timberlake

The Music Star: Former Disney Club member turned frontman of boy band ‘N Sync. Turned himself into a successful solo act before cracking movies, mostly notably in the acclaimed The Social Network. Friends With Benefits and In Time less acclaimed…

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career: “I’m bringin’ sexy back…”

Babara Streisand

The Music Star: Easily one of the most successful singers-turned-actresses, Streisand has two Oscars to her name, eight Grammy awards and five Emmy awards. She’s sold 140 million albums worldwide, and received acclaim for celluloid triumphs Funny Girl, Hello Dolly! and The Way We Were .

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career : “Don't tell me not to live, just sit and putter, Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter, Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade…”

David Bowie

The Music Star: Britain’s very own androgynous ET, Bowie was a champion of glam rock in the early 1970s, when his music was just as popular as his outrageous stage costumes. Movies include The Man Who Fell To Earth, The Hunger , Labyrinth and The Prestige .

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career: “There's a starman waiting in the sky, He’d like to come and meet us, But he thinks he'd blow our minds…”

Frank Sinatra

The Music Star: Despite (or perhaps because of) his association with the Mob, Sinatra was one of the most successful crooners of his generation – both off screen and on. Sparkling movie credits include Ocean’s 11, From Here To Eternity and Guys And Dolls.

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career: “A fine romance with no quarrels, With no insults and all morals…”

Will Smith

The Music Star: Found fame in the late 1980s as rapper The Fresh Prince, a commodity he turned into a TV show with The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air . Later became an unlikely movie action hero with Independence Day and Men In Black.

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career
: “Now how we do it, You know it's big Willie style baby…”


The Music Star: One-time other-half of Sonny. Broke into movies in the 1980s with the likes of Silkwood and Mask before going on to Moonstruck . She won an Oscar for the latter, making her one of the most successful pop exports ever.

Lyric That Reflects Their Film Career:
“All the sad music of his life, Is still spinning in my mind, The carousel starts up again, And I found my place in life…”

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