World of Warcraft: Dragon-killing patch 4.3 goes live

World of Warcraft's Version 4.3 patch, subtitled Hour of Twilight, is live for download now. The patch's main feature sends players on a perilous journey outside time itself to retrieve an artifact from the long-forgotten dragon wars, seeking to use it against an apocalyptic dragon whose reign of terror threatens to devour the land. So if you haven't done all that in Skyrim yet, WoW will let some friends join you on your quest.

But the update has plenty of content besides the final battle against Deathwing. Three new dungeons join a new raid, whose culmination sets larger parties against the Black Dragon Aspect himself. There's also a new questline for Rogues, whose prize is an added Legendary Item, the Fangs of the Father. Features added to streamline gameplay in the Hour of Twilight patch include a player-matching Raid Finder; Void Storage, a Hammerspace-esque item bank, and item-customizing Transmogrification magic. See the full list of changes in all its encyclopedic glory over in Blizzard's patch notes.