World War Z tops global box office

World War Z has stormed to the top of the global box office, surpassing all expectations in its first 10 days of release.

Having been delayed by months due to extensive reshoots, many were expecting the Brad Pitt-starring actioner to bomb at the box office, only to be confounded by a remarkably strong financial showing.

The film has now taken $263 million worldwide, with some key foreign markets including France, Spain and Japan still yet to receive it.

With a strong US opening already in the bank, Paramount bosses will be feeling even more confident in their recent decision to actively develop a sequel .

Meanwhile, Man Of Steel continued to perform strongly, with its global tally passing the half billion dollar mark this weekend. Unsurprisingly, a sequel has been reportedly fast-tracked for that film as well…

Meanwhile, outside of the US, animated sequel Despicable Me 2 opened to an impressive $41.5 million from seven international markets (including the UK, where it opened to the tune of $15.2 million), according to The Hollywood Reporter . If it performs as well proportionately in the US, it could be one of 2013's biggest hits...

George Wales

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