World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

Tom Chilton announced some of the flying mounts finalized for the Horde and Alliance factions. While Alliance members can enjoy tooling around the new Outland zone on the backs of armored gryffons, Horde agents will be able to earn armored wyverns. Both mounts will come in non-epic (fast-moving) and epic (even faster-moving) versions with the non-epic flyers costing a relatively small sum of gold while the epics will be exorbitantly expensive.

Also announced, the Draenei mounts have been confirmed as Elekk - large, elephant-like, armored beasts capable of bearing the weight of the big blue outcasts. While final animations have not been set, we got a glimpse of them in their stables, frozen in place looking decidedly tranquil (because they weren't moving at all). Chilton also took this opportunity to show off the Draenei females' dance routine which apes Britney Spears' on-stage undulations. At the moment, the maleBlood Elvesare still set to trip the light fantastic like Napoleon Dynamite in a spastic celebration of ridiculousness.