World of Goo oozing onto iPads, developer hints at sequel

World of Goo is finally getting its iPad debut. After years of raking in awards and accolades for its Wii and PC/Mac versions, the toast of the indie scene is almost ready to fling itselfat the mercy ofApple's App store.

Developed by indie studio 2D Boy, World of Goo is a physics-based puzzle gamein whichplayers are challengedto build structurally sound towers out of living 'goo balls.' Dripping with humor, style and addictive gameplay,ithas become one of the Wii's highest rated games, garnering aMetacritic score of 94and winning a ton of recognition across the industry.

Not much is expected to change on the iPad port. Studio founders Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler said in theirrecent website Q&Athat even the Wii's multiplayer component will remain intact, explaining: "Yes, you can play with 11 fingers on one screen. Which means you can play two handed, with friends, an animal, anything up to eleven fleshy things touching the screen. “

2D Boy also hinted at plans to bring World of Goo to other mobile systems too, but not until they can do so without sacrificing quality or content. As for a true sequel to its big hit, the San Francisco based developers wrote that they aren't ruling anything out: “A second World of Goo is a possibility, and something we would enjoy working on. Working together again on WogPad has reminded us how fun it was to make the original. A second World of Goo will need to feel like a perfect and appropriate continuation of the first game. No Red Bull Can levels or rapping Goo cutscenes, according to our official design doc.”

World of Goo iscurrently seeping through Apple's approval process, but is expected to be released shortly.

Nov 22, 2010

[Source:Touch Arcade]

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