World in Conflict

What if the Cold War never ended? What if the US and the Soviet Union were still in an apocalyptic showdown? We'll get to explore that possibility in the upcoming real-time strategy game World in Conflict. This is a world where the Berlin Wall never fell and thousands of Russian troops are now invading America.

The emphasis is on unrestrained combat, with no "resource gathering" like in other RTS titles - developer Massive Entertainment says it wants to "focus on the one thing people love most about strategy gaming:the combat."

You'll defend America from the attacking Soviet army using a huge range of real-world, Cold War-era weaponry. Online co-op matches will pit teams of eight against one another, where you'll fight alongside your compatriots as an infantry, armor, support or aerial specialist.

World in Conflict is not due out for another year, but we're already drawing up strategies for assaulting burger joints, donut factories and shopping malls. Stay tuned for more info.

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