35 years later, Chris Claremont is finally filling in a missing moment in X-Men history

Wolverine: Deep Cut #1 cover
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Writer Chris Claremont is synonymous with the X-Men, and his name goes almost as closely hand-in-hand with the mutant team's resident bladed badass, Wolverine. And now, Claremont is telling another Wolverine flashback story set in the writer's heyday with the X-Men in Wolverine: Deep Cut.

For the last few years, Claremont has returned to the X-Men in a series of flashback stories that harken back to earlier eras of the Marvel Universe. This summer, he'll re-team with artist Edgar Salazar, who also drew Claremont's recent Wolverine: Madripoor Knights flashback title, for a story set in the Outback era of the X-Men, when their headquarters was located in the Australian Outback.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In this four issue limited series, set just before the villainous Reavers led a devastating attack on the team in 1989's Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine will encounter none other than his own arch-enemy Sabretooth, as Claremont uses Wolverine: Deep Cut to finally fill in a story gap that's been lingering for decades.

"Out of the outback on a life-and-death mission! Logan sets off from the outback, leaving behind what was left of the X-Men, for a mysterious mission," reads Marvel's official announcement. "After decades of mystery, Claremont reveals just what Wolverine got up to before his unforgettable battle with the Reavers! Featuring sinister revelations and claw-to-claw confrontations with Sabretooth, this is an ideal entry-point Wolverine story for new and long-standing fans alike that simply cannot be missed!"

Wolverine: Deep Cut #1 goes on sale July 3 with a cover by Philip Tan, seen above.

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