The Witness to debut on PS4

Here's a shocker: Braid creator Jonathan Blow will bring his previously announced open-world puzzle game The Witness to the PlayStation 4. Sony confirmed that The Witness will have timed exclusivity on the PS4.

Blow emphasized how little "filler" will be in The Witness. Fundamentally a puzzle game, The Witness is designed to communicate its clues in a non-verbal way. The game will be some 25 hours long, all of which bring something new.

The first official trailer for The Witness also played during the event. It began with idyllic environments, ranging from forests to desert, to seaside. accompanied by an ethereal chanting chorus. Puzzles shown seemed to be of connect-the-dots variety, somewhat similar to what's seen in BioShock. Answering this puzzles correctly unlocked certain areas previously inaccessible.