Free Witcher 3 DLC takes Geralt from monster hunter to defender of pigs

The Witcher 3 receives its continued supported of free, weekly post-launch DLC from developer CD Projekt RED today, but the offerings are a bit different this time around. So far, we’ve seen cosmetic changes for the game’s cast, as well as new weapons and armor for monster hunter extraordinaire Geralt. Starting today however, PC players can download a DLC pack that contains new cards for the in-game card game of Gwent, as well as a quest that has Geralt saving a village full of pigs. (CD Projekt RED notes that console versions will be available soon.)

To be clear, these are not the “boorish men who make off-color remarks” kind of pigs. These are actual, literal pigs who appear to have taken over the town of Lurch, a small settlement in the Velen region. Geralt and the local village idiot team up to uncover the mystery of Lurch’s missing human population, and why the town is now filled with the oinks and grunts of adorable pig-bellied porcines..

If you’re feeling inspired and want to dive right in, the village of Lurch is directly east of Lindenvale, and enemies in the area are level 5. You now know the way and what strength you must be, so get going and investigate those pigs!

Sam Prell

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