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The cover of the Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual.
(Image credit: Anderson Entertainment)

Back in 1999, the moon was blown out of orbit by a massive nuclear explosion, exiting the Solar System to roam about the universe. Well, according to Gerry Anderson's TV series Space: 1999 it was, anyway…

If you're a fan of the show, you'll be agog at the Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual. This new book is presented as an in-universe guide for Moonbase recruits (an edition updated with details of the Moon's galactic wanderings). Drawing inspiration from both the Space: 1999 Technical Notebook published in 1977 and the Star Trek Fact Files of the '90s, it contains sections on things like the layout of the base, the Eagle Transporter, other craft, and uniforms/equipment. The makers canvassed over 1000 Space: 1999 fans to find out what they'd most like to see included (Moonbase toilets were high up the list, apparently… people are weird), and European Space Agency director Dr David Parker helped out with the science stuff. 

Some Eagle Transport schematics from the Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual.

(Image credit: Anderson Entertainment)

With every spread handsomely illustrated with newly-created 3D graphics, black and white schematics and screengrabs it's a real thing of beauty, with sufficient heft to make the asking price (£34.99) seem perfectly reasonable. You can order the book now, but thanks to Anderson Entertainment we have two copies to give away. To put your name in the hat for the chance to win one, simply answer the question below.

A photo of the Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual.

(Image credit: Anderson Entertainment)
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