WIN a deck signed by Tony Hawk

While the Tony Hawk: Ride event GR attended this weekend didn’t lend itself to a proper review, the man himself was there to introduce players and press to the hands-free experience found in the first Activision game you control with your ankles. Ever the nice guy, Mr. Hawk even took the time to sign a couple of boards for us… Any chance you guys would be interested in one?

Above: Sorry for the crappy pictures, but yes, we’ve got TWO signed decks to giveaway!*

As you can see by the video below, Tony is pretty damned good at his own game, and expressed how proud he was that technology has finally got to the point where the 10th edition of his popular series can now approximate actual skating. So if that, coupled with the tried-and-true THPS gameplay, has you excited then it stands to reason you’d be all about winning one of them thar Birdhouse skate decks.


Send us a picture that encapsulates your favorite memory with the Tony Hawk series. Got a mint condition copy of the original THPS on N-Gage, an unbeatable high score, discovered an Easter Egg, or have a decade old snapshot of a T-Hawk multiplayer session in your dorm room? Send a picture to and make your affection known!

Above: Your entry will probably not be this awesome!

Creativity Encouraged! Tug our judges’ heartstrings so we can make damn sure these two decks go to the right place. Just let us know what makes YOU the most qualified to hang a Tony Hawk signed deck over your mantle, and the biggest sk8er boi (or gurl) will be sent a one-of-a-kind collector’s item!

Above: Oh, yeah! Tony Hawk: Ride comes out this week

Don't worry, we’ll have our Tony Hawk: Ride review up very soon. And listen into this week’s TalkRadar (GamesRadar’s weekly show)this Friday to hear an exclusive interview with Tony Hawk himself!

*Skateboards decks are incompatible with the PS3, 360, and Wii. We’ll also be happy to scrub Mr. Hawk’s signature clean away, if you’d prefer.

Nov 17. 2009

Contest goes through 11/17/09 through 12/01/09. The price is hard to calculate, but judging by similar items for auction on eBay signed decks range from $250 to priceless. Legally you have to be over 17 to enter, but you younglings can still get a parent to enter for you. Must be a North American resident.

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