Will Sinestro Be In The Green Lantern Film?

Holmes has Moriarty. The Doctor has the Master. Superman has Lex Luthor. And The Green Lantern has Sinestro. So why haven’t we heard anything about him being in the Green Lantern that's currently in production?

In the DC universe, Thaal Sinestro is a kind of "Lantern turned bad" - a former mentor of Hal Jordan (The Green Lantern) who then becomes a supervillain and the arch nemesis of the Green Lantern Corps. So he seems like the obvious choice for the main baddie. However, Peter Saarsgaard was recently announced as playing another Green Lantern villain, Dr Hector Hammond. So where does that leave Sinestro?

According to HitFix he will feature in the movie, but not prominently. In the same way as the trio of Kryptonite villains in Superman II were set up in Superman The Movie, Sinestro will have a minor role in the film, with an eye to using him as a big bad in a sequel. And the site also reckons they know who will play him – Jackie Earle Haley, who was Rorschach in Watchmen and is also the new Freddy Krueger.

According to the site: "The Green Lantern is overstuffed with characters from the history of the series… One gets the feeling that they're worried about setting up the entire series in this first film… With Sinestro, don't expect him to stroll in and suddenly be pure evil in this film. And don't expect him to be onscreen for the entire movie. But unless something drastically changes, he is in the film. And I'm hearing that based on the relationship they have with him from Watchmen and A Nightmare On Elm Street, Jackie Earle Haley is the only choice for Sinestro by the studio.

"I'm not going to play a semantics game here... there is a very real difference in meaning between terms like 'in talks' and 'in negotiations' and 'on a list', and I'm not sure where they are in that process right now. But I am willing to say that Haley is the guy."

Is HitFix right? Or just putting two and two together and coming up with five?

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