DC reveals embossed foil '90s throwback covers for flagship titles

Batman #129 '90s embossed cover
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The '90s are back in vogue at DC this November, with shiny era-correct foil variant covers to prove it (see below).

Following its San Diego Comic-Con announcement of a new Batman/Spawn crossover, the publisher has revealed a Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special, a Black Label Waller vs. Wildstorm limited series, the first WildC.A.T.s ongoing in over a decade, and a slew of '90s variant covers for flagship titles.

Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection (Image credit: DC)

On November 15, DC will release Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection, which reprints both Batman/Spawn: War Devil #1 and Spawn/Batman, with writing by Frank Miller, Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Alan Grant, as well as art by Klaus Johnson and Todd McFarlane.

The hardcover will retail for $19.99 with cover art by McFarlane and Greg Capullo, and it releases one month before the duo's Batman/Spawn hits shelves on December 16.

To celebrate the Wildstorm 30th anniversary, DC will release a 100-page special that reprints short stories by founder Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell, Brett Booth, Dustin Nguyen, and more from the Wildstorm: A Celebration of 25 Years hardcover. It will also feature new stories that chart the futures of Wildstorm characters who have joined the main DC Universe.

Additional writers include Matthew Rosenberg, Joshua Williamson, Brandon Choi, and Ed Brisson, among others, and they'll be joined by artists including Bryan Hitch and more.

Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1 will be available November 29 for $7.99, with covers by Sozomaika, Hitch, Joshua Midleton, Campbell, Lee Bermejo, and Jeff Spokes. Check out a cover gallery below.

Continuing the Wildstorm celebration, writers Spencer Ackerman and Evan Narcisse will team up with artist Eric Battle for a four-issue limited series, Waller vs. Wildstorm. The story picks up in the early '80s during the continuing Cold War as the intelligence agency Checkmate becomes fodder for a new battle.

Jackson King, AKA the armored Battalion and former leader of Stormwatch believes Adeline Kane is up to no good. But what he doesn't know is that Kane has a new ally: Amanda Waller. Throughout the series, Stormwatch will have to face some of the deadliest villains in the DCU, including Deathstroke.

Waller vs. Wildstorm #1 will be available November 15, with covers by Battle and Jose Fornés.

In addition to reprinting the epic Batman/Spawn crossovers and celebrating the impact Wildstorm has had since its debut in 1992, DC is also launching its first WildC.A.T.s ongoing in over a decade, from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Stephen Segovia. As the team attempts to make the world better, they encounter the deadly Court of Owls.

"WildC.A.T.s has always been a mix of everything I love in comics," Rosenberg says in the announcement. "From the very first issue it exploded off the pages with the coolest characters, the most gorgeous art, the craziest ideas, and it was never afraid to be subversive, go harder, and push things further than its contemporaries. Now we're smashing all of that good stuff full speed into the heart of the DC Universe. I'd say we're going to be respectful and try not to break things...but that would be a lie."

WildC.A.T.s will spin out of Batman, with Cole 'Grifter' Cash leading a team of operatives for the HALO Corporation as they attempt to gather elite scientists without being discovered. Unfortunately for them, the 'Cats leader, Void, has other plans.

Debuting November 8, WildC.A.T.s #1 will feature covers by Segovia, Jim Lee, Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, Ben Oliver, Jeff Spokes, Alan Quah, Dan Hipp, Brett Booth, and Sandra Hope, seen in the gallery below.

WildC.A.T.s #2 will debut December 6 and show the first encounter between the 'Cats and the Court of Owls, featuring an epic fight between Talon and Zealot. This issue will also feature a main cover by Segovia, with variants by Ben Oliver, Jeff Spokes, and Howard Porter.

And last but not least, DC will pay homage to the '90s with more than a dozen variant covers spread across its flagship series, featuring some of the most popular fashions and art styles of the decade. The publisher has just revealed a series of multi-level embossed foil covers for Batman Incorporated #2, Batman #129, The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #2, JSA #1 and WildC.A.T.s #1.

See the cover gallery and full list of additional covers below.

  • Action Comics #1049 by Roger Cruz
  • Batman #129 by Ryan Benjamin
  • Batman Incorporated #2 by Chris Burnham
  • Batman vs Robin #3 by Carlo Barberi
  • Batman/Superman World’s Finest #9 by Chip Zdarsky
  • Batgirls #12 by Paulina Ganucheau
  • Black Adam #6 by Carlo Barberi
  • Catwoman #49 by Jim Balent
  • Detective Comics #1066 by Kyle Hotz
  • Harley Quinn #24 by Jonboy Meyers
  • I am Batman #15 by Khary Randolph 
  • Nightwing #98 by Brian Stelfreeze
  • Superman: Son of Kal-El #17 by Steven Butler
  • The Flash #788 by Todd Nauck
  • The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #2 by Kelley Jones
  • Tim Drake: Robin #3 by Todd Nauck
  • WildC.A.T.s #1 by Brett Booth and Sandra Hope
  • Wonder Woman #793 by Jen Bartel

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