Wii Zapper: Are they taking the piss?

Sept 11,2007

Sorry Nintendo, but this is a step too far. The reality is the Wii Zapper is a white plastic frame to hold your Nunchuk and Wii-mote in a gun-shaped formation. And that's all.

We tried simply holding our Wii-mote and Nunchuk in this fashion this morning and you know what? It works fine. We didn't need the frame to assist us. Our hands were up to the job.

It's not out of the question you could construct a similar frame out a coat hanger, a bit of tape and some white paint. In fact, there's plenty of time for you to do a bit of DIY before the Wii games that will benefit a gun are released. We're thinking Ghost Squad and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, of course.

But we wouldn't bother. Like we said before, your actual hands will suffice.

Above: The Wii Zapper (left)andPair Of Human Hands (right) go to head-to-head. Hands win.