Wii TV Friend Channel launches in Japan

Nintendo has released an interactive community TV Guide for the Wii in Japan today, dubbed the Wii TV Friend Channel.

This latest edition to the channel service brings a Freeview style menu system directly to your console. This displays a comprehensive list of TV shows you can watch by switching your Wii off and flicking the TV to another channel.

You can also highlight interesting programs and use your Wii Remote as a TV remote, so you don't have to work out those arm muscles by putting one remote down and picking up another.

Of actual use is the interactive community features. If you've gone to the effort of matching up Friends Codes, you can see what your friends have highlighted and also check out their star ratings for shows.

Finally, you'll be able to register your mobile number and e-mail address if you want to receive alerts thirty minutes before a show begins, reminding you it's on.

A quote from Dragon's Den judge Peter Jones comes to mind. "You've invented a solution to a problem that doesn't exist!"

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the Wii TV Friend Channel currently has no release date for America or Europe.

Spotted byKotaku.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 4, 2008