Wii Sports Resort - hands-on


Now that we’ve compared the differences between the original games to Resort, we’re gonna give you our quick thoughts for the rest of the minigame collection.


Ah, yes. The one game everyone is dying to know about. We’ll say this: Swordplay is fun when two humans are playing. When it’s just you and the computer, gameplay is incredibly rote and something of a letdown. Yeah, there’s 1:1 movement - rendered incredibly well - but there’s not much left to this shallow diversion. Hold B to get in a defensive stance and just swing wildly to attack. No, you don’t need to hold the Wii Remote with two hands like the game teaches. Here’s a hint to defeat every opponent: hold B and wait for them to attack. Once your opponent hits your blocking stance, they’ll become stunned. Then just swing wildly. WINNER!


Hold the remote sideways and cross behind a boat from side-to-side. Hit the wave just right and get propelled in the air. Shake the remote to do a trick and earn points. Three minutes of that.


This game is actually pretty damn fun. There isn’t much to say other than “throw a Frisbee to a specific marker to earn points.” Also, a dog returns the disc. Another event, Frisbee Golf, is just like how you’re imagining it now. Highly recommended.


Another gem. Archery requires skill, concentration and your ability to hold your breath. Hold the remote vertically and bring back the Nunchuck to draw your bow and aim. Adjust for wind and gravity. Feels good.


Will take some getting used to. Grab a ball, hold B and release at the apex of your Mii’s jump. Make sure you’re tossing it up and not just chucking the ball like how Shaq shoots free throws. One of the more demanding minigames (requires skill).

Power Cruising

Is this the spiritual successor to Wave Race?! If you like stripped down, slow-moving Jet Ski action, then yes. Hold the Wii Remote and Nunchuck like handlebars to turn and use your boost to go slightly faster. Not all that impressive.


Hold the remote like a paddle, and alternate rowing from side to side. That’s about it.


“Peddle” by pumping both the remote and Nunchuck. Try to draft off your opponents to gain speed and don’t sprint too much or you’ll lose energy. Amusing.

Air Sports

New Pilotwings? Besides the intro where you skydive onto Wahu Island, Island Flyover enables you to guide a plane around the island. Sometimes you collect stuff.

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