Wii launch details leaked

Friday 8 September 2006
Wii will be released in the UK by 24 November and will carry a £149 price tag, according to reports by trade publication MCV.

The article, which appeared this morning at www.mcvuk.com, states an estimated timeframe for the arrival of the diddy machine, while also giving a fairly definitive statement of what the price of Nintendo's motion-sensitive console will be. MCV gives no clue as to whether the date and price revelations are based on anything more than its own unsubstantiated guesswork, though.

Nintendo has already announced a Wii event will take place on 15 September - next Friday - in London, where it is expected to finally reveal specific Wii launch details.

At the time of writing Nintendo was unavailable for comment, but we'll be hounding them for a response to this breaking news, so keep your eyes on GamesRadar.