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Wii controller gets turned into a sex toy thanks to peripheral, Mario sweats profusely

Are you a girl gamer who's been hit by, lets diplomatically describe them as carnal desires, half way through a 14 hour Mario Galaxy session? Well, if you have, you’re in luck, because a company called Mojowijo has just invented a sex device that turns the Wiimote into something that sounds distinctly like a Lord of the Rings character (Hint: we mean Bilbo).

Above: We expect this to get the official Nintendo Seal of Approval any second now

Here's how it works. Apparently, the device is compatible with the accessory port on the Wiimote and once you've attached it, you have to connect your controller to a PC running special 'sexy' Mojowijo software via Bluetooth. Then thanks to some magical filthy techno gubbins, your PC will then convert the Wiimote's motion control into vibration signals, essentially turning it into a Dildo Baggins. Let the female fapping commence. Below we've included a possibly semi educational video on the matter.

In case any of the above has got you all hot and bothered, here's a picture of ancient, axed BBC drama Hetty Wainthropp Investigates to keep your mind on your business...

Aug 31, 2010