Why Resident Evil: Revelations could be better than Resi 5

The plot hopefully won't stink like rotting zombie ass

"It doesn't matter, because you're already..." Cheers ambiguous tied up dude. Chris and Jill are already what? Infected? Reality TV contestants? Dead?! Are you trying to pull a Lost/Sixth Sense of us, Revelations?

While that cryptic nugget is exciting on its own, the whole theme of the trailer, namely Redfield making a dubious decision that's royally f*cked everything up, is what really interests us. It's clear Chris and Jill have had a right ruddy falling out, even drawing their guns on each other at the end.

Above: John Woo would cream his shorts over this

Ted Mystery also alludes to the pair trying to find something, which we'd gamble could be a new strain of the T-Virus. Put all these pieces together and we could be in for the most engaging story since Resident Evil 2.

Praise our undead overlords, it looks like zombies are back

Freeze the trailer 31 seconds in and it's clear Johnny Juggular Biter has returned. That's right: ZOMBIES! Nothing personal, Los Illuminados, but frankly, the real stars of the series are back and we couldn't be happier.

Above: Oh hells yes

Just stop bloody changing Jill!

She's had more facelifts than Dolly Parton. Just leave the poor girl alone.

Above: Seriously, stop it

What do you want to see in Resident Evil: Revelations? Excited about the prospect of survival horror in 3D? And, like us, were you also slightly disappointed in Resi 5? As always, let us know in the comments.

June 22, 2010