8 reasons why... Joe Skrebels is OXM's new Community Manager

1. Joe Skrebels is a human

This is a useful and, some would argue, necessary state of being for a Community Manager. As a paid-up member of the Big Bald Ape Crew, Joe has the full range of experiences, emotions and genetic priorities to fully understand a Community's wants and needs. Even yours.

2. Joe Skrebels knows his 'box

You can tell how intimately aware Joe is of Microsoft's console, because he doesn't even use the "X" in article subheaders. Also, Joe worked for some time on Official Xbox Magazine, first as an intern before taking a short break to write about some other things, then returning as the magazine's News Editor last year. He owns all three iterations of the Xbox console, once saw Major Nelson in between takes at a Halo event in Los Angeles (he looks a bit like a chalky statue of Third Rock From The Sun actor, French Stewart) and probably can't even remember what a PlayStation 4 looks like.

3. Joe Skrebels is a damn maverick

Joe will never shy from the big stories, or miss an opportunity to put a big picture of his face onto a website. He's worryingly interested in niche Xbox fare, like Dynasty Warriors, EA's Skate series and all indie games. Even this very article stands as testament to Joe's overriding individuality - he forgot that GamesRadar+ has a separate template for numbered list features and didn't even bother to redo the work he had done so far, even though he was only on point 3.

4. Joe Skrebels will take OXM forward into the actual future

"Twitch streams". "Social network engagement". "Video features". "Competitions". "Slightly over-intimate developer interviews". "A kind of new clothing that, using a complex series of mirrors, will render most of my body invisible so that I become the living embodiment and logical end product of the term 'talking head'". These are just some of the things Joe screamed into his prospective bosses' faces in his job interview. He will deliver on all of them, even if he gets arrested in a mirror warehouse.

Imagine that staring out from a livestream. Chilling.

5. "Joe Skrebels" is probably the most SEO-friendly name going

GamesRadar+ is a thrusting digital media organ of the highest virility, and it recognises search engine gold when it sees it. It thus makes perfect sense that someone saddled with as stupid a name as "Joe Skrebels" would be put to use in the crowded wasteland that is the internet visibility war. Fun fact! If you search for his name, you will find an excruciating video of him unsuccessfully campaigning to become his university's newspaper editor, because said university will not take it down, despite him asking four times.

6. Joe Skrebels will break the fourth wall

Hello, you!

7. Joe Skrebels is here for you

Joe wants to hear what you want from OXM in the bright, new, startlingly orange GamesRadar+ era. Which upcoming games are you most interested in? Do you want to play online with Team OXM? Are you interested in sending pictures of your pets to Joe? These are all welcome and viable things that Joe will respond to. His Twitter handle is @2plus2isjoe, his email address is joe [dot] skrebels [at] futurenet [dot] com - make yourselves known.

8. Joe Skrebels is actually an owl

That first point was a total lie, just look at this:

Joe Skrebels
Joe first fell in love with games when a copy of The Lion King on SNES became his stepfather in 1994. When the cartridge left his mother in 2001, he turned to his priest - a limited edition crystal Xbox - for guidance. And now he's here.