Who's the hardest man in Hollywood?

GR: Up until recently the 'videogame version' was always the poor cousin of a film license. Do you think better graphics and people like yourself working on games will change this?

JI: I think the technology's there and I think Hollywood should realise there's an audience that wants to leave the movie theatre and then continue the journey of a character in a different story or theme and appreciate another avenue of their character. Technology is definitely a lot further along than before and opening a lot of doors and I think Hollywood's going to further embrace game technology like mocap, which you've seen in movies like Beowulf.

GR: Do you think otherstunt guys like yourself from movie backgrounds will move into games, because of what the better technology and graphics allow you to do?

JI: Yeah I think so, because a lot of the guy's backgrounds could help enhance and bring game development to another level especially with their knowledge of fight mechanics and movement. Obviously videogames are all about movement and these guys could make them look as realistic as possible.

GR: Is there anyone you've worked with in the industry who you know would like to get involved in games? Like John Carpenter?

JI: Yeah, in fact I know John has been approached a few times and I'm going to talk to him about it even more. I know he's a huge videogame fan when he's not watching basketball. He's gotloads of games. I think John's definitely going to be involved in some videogames.

GR: You've worked with a lot martial artists- in your view who is the most talented?

JI: I think probably Steven Seagal. He's a very genuine martial artist and an accomplished aikido instructor [7th Dan to be precise].

Then there's Brandon Lee who I worked with from childhood and in Rapid Fire and The Crow and played alongside him in Showdown in Little Tokyo. As much as his first love was acting he was very athletic, opposed to his dad who loved the martial arts first and the acting second.

He could give any of the stunt guys a run for their money. A lot of people said he'd of made a great stunt guy, because he loved doing it all - even high falls. But Brandon was a very technically accomplished martial artist - you could see a lot of his father in the way he moved.

Then there's Jet Li, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan: all those guys are really accomplished and good at what they do.

GR: After your experience on Bourne would you like to work on more games?

JI: As long as it's done with quality and keeps within the bible of the character - if it's low quality though, I'm not going to get involved.