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Whoa, there was almost a Guitar Hero tie-in MMO

Quick, think of some video game franchises that could be adapted to MMOs. Mass Effect? Yes please. Fallout? Hey, the Elder Scrolls went there. Pokemon? Who hasn't had that dream? Guitar Hero and DJ Hero? Well, as absurd as that might sound, it was almost a reality, as covered in a new episode of Unseen64.

The web-based MMO would have connected players across Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo platforms, giving them one single place to congregate and show off. In the MMO, you would play as a club manager, and could "hire" players from games like DJ Hero and Guitar Hero to play at your venue, scoring you both bonus points and cash to use on in-game customization options. Other ideas included letting players publish their own songs through the game, turning it into a hub for music enthusiasts.

"Whoa," indeed.

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