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Who is CouRageJD? Everything explained from Ariana Grande to YouTube

Who is CouRageJD?
(Image credit: CouRageJD)

While he's not quite as controversial as some other streamers and influencers, there's a lot to learn about CouRageJD. If you're wondering who the man is, what his real name is, how he got his big break in streaming and more, you've come to the right place. This guide has everything you need to know about CouRage and answer the one very simple question: who is CouRageJD?

Who is CouRageJD?

Who is CouRageJD?

(Image credit: CouRageJD)

Name: Jack "CouRageJD" Dunlop
Place of birth: New Jersey, U.S.A
Date of birth: April 23, 1994

Jack Dunlop didn't start his career as an influencer; he initially became interested in esports back in 2007 with the Halo scene, quickly becoming acquaintances with some players and casters. Thanks to his friendship with Chris Puckett of MLG hosting fame, he began an internship at MLG in 2014, before moving on to the Call of Duty World League to commentate over matches as a caster. During this time, CouRage slowly built up a social media following, and in February 2018, he decided to leave his casting days behind him in order to focus on being a content creator full time.

CouRage can often be found streaming with people like Ninja (who is Ninja (opens in new tab)?), TimTheTatMan, Dr Lupo, Dr DisRespect (who is Dr DisRespect?), and more. He also befriended a 10-year-old boy called Connor while playing Fortnite, and after speaking with Connor's parents, helped him to set up his own YouTube channel and stream. Alongside a couple of other younger kids, he often refers to them as his "10-year-old army" when they play Fortnite together. It's also a running joke that he has an obsession with Ariana Grande – more on that below.

CouRageJD history

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2014: Joined MLG through an internship.

November 2015: Moved over to the Call of Duty World League team (opens in new tab) as a host/commentator.

March 2018: Left CWL (opens in new tab) to focus on being a full time content creator. Joined OpTic Gaming (opens in new tab) later that month.

April 2018: Matched with Connor in a random duos game (opens in new tab) and helped him to his first ever victory royale.

June 2018: Finished second in the 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am event (opens in new tab) partnered with Kenneth Faried, professional basketball player.

May 2019: Joined 100 Thieves (opens in new tab) as a full time content creator, as his friend Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag is CEO.

June 2019: Participated in the 2019 Fortnite Pro-Am event with Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco fame.

August 2019: Released a parody of Ariana Grande's Boyfriend music video (opens in new tab) with her permission, then met her at the end of the video and she referred to him as her boyfriend. It's important to note that they're not actually dating and since then, CouRage has started dating somebody else (opens in new tab).

November 2019: Agreed a contract with YouTube (opens in new tab) to stream exclusively on there instead of Twitch.

CouRageJD and Ariana Grande

It became an open and self-deprecating joke on his stream that CouRage would never be able to get a girlfriend, which led to people suggesting he should try and date Ariana Grande. He tried to get her attention for some time, even asking her out on a date via Twitter (opens in new tab), but she didn't notice him until she eventually followed him back in February 2019 (opens in new tab).

The pair eventually met in May 2019 (opens in new tab) when he was invited backstage at one of her shows alongside Nadeshot, then in August 2019, he recorded and released his version of her music video, Boyfriend. She replied to his tweet (opens in new tab), along with featuring in the end of the video. Now CouRage is dating Maddie, it seems like the CouRage x Ariana saga is over for the time being.

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