Which version of Sonic is the best version of Sonic?

But it's not enough to just show you them all. The internet needs to know which is best. It's purely subjective opinion, of course, but we'll show you our least liked immediately over the page, followed by our favourites and the ultimate version of Sonic. Which will it be?

That's a lot of Sonics, huh? Some of them are great, others... well, let's have a look at the ones that went wrong...

Justin Towell

Justin was a GamesRadar staffer for 10 years but is now a freelancer, musician and videographer. He's big on retro, Sega and racing games (especially retro Sega racing games) and currently also writes for Play Magazine, Traxion.gg, PC Gamer and TopTenReviews, as well as running his own YouTube channel. Having learned to love all platforms equally after Sega left the hardware industry (sniff), his favourite games include Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, Zelda BotW, Sea of Thieves, Sega Rally Championship and Treasure Island Dizzy.