Which next-gen console should you buy?

The next-gen war has definitely started with Xbox 360's UK launch last December but, with next-gen machines from both Sony and Nintendo due this year, which new console should you buy? We make a case for 360, PlayStation 3 or Revolution...

XBOX 360
Xbox 360 is the first console to take advantage of the new high definition standard. All games made for the console run in this new widescreen format which, if you have the correct screen, is the biggest leap forward for games graphics since the first home 3D games in 1995.

Even those without a high-def screen will notice a considerable step up in graphical prowess for the games they play on Xbox 360.

However, graphics are only one of the areas of gaming that the extra power of Xbox 360 has revolutionised.

The main difference between Xbox 360 and other next-gen consoles is the fact that it is designed to be a completely connected experience; from simple things like wireless controllers and wireless internet connectivity, to the killer feature of the Xbox 360 world, Xbox Live.

The system's Marketplace feature allows connected gamers to download new game content for free, as well as share custom content they have created with friends.

Using the optional wireless receiver, Xbox 360 can even link to home networks and communicate directly with home PCs.