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When Love Comes review

The cheesy banality of the title pretty much sums up this low-budget sexual/musical meander from New Zealand.

Katy Keen (Rena Owen) is a once-famous singer returning to her home town with a mid-life crisis and terminal career prospects. Sally (Sophia Hawthorne) and Fig (Nancy Brunning) are struggling twentysomething musicians reliant on the lyric-writing skills of drugged-up, sexually-confused pretty boy Mark (Dean O'Gorman), who's having a tempestuous relationship with both the girls and a man named Steven (Steven Prast). Steven, meanwhile, is old pals with Keen, so friendships, rivalries and musical differences collide as they all go through their own rites-of-passage in this ponderous mess of whining, humping and histrionics.

Bolstered by one rather good song (Owen has a belting voice) but with no characters likeable enough to root for, When Love Comes wallows in stereotyped mediocrity.

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