What's behind a Spartan's helmet?

Before Bungie threw the big switch marked "Make Halo 3 Beta stop now," some investigative-minded souls took it upon themselves to discover what lies beneath that hefty Spartan armor. The footage taken - see it below - reveals a surprising image.

We've stitched together some grabs from the movie and created a full-face view of the Spartan's mug. Now, there's no reason to believe this is Master Chief's own face, but the intense scarring and piercing gaze gives this mug a real sense of personality.

Bungie is notorious for reveling in hidden hints and cryptic clues - many of which turn out to be complete fabrications, created just for fun.Gotta love those Halo guys.

Witness the impressive discovery for yourself in the movie below. Much kudos points and back-slapping to go out to Losingstreak, who detectified the hidden mug, and Shadow Chris 1 for the steadycam skills. So whose face is this behind the helmet? Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

June 12, 2007