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What the PlayStation Move ad campaign looks like

SCEE (Sony Europe) seem to be aware of this, and have used their blog to take you behind-the-scenes at the making of a PlayStation Move advertising shoot to reveal how they're doing it differently: "The idea was to film real gamers playing with PlayStation Move for the first time in a genuine fun home environment; not a pristine empty white box," aPS EU Blog post explains.

Turns out this means filming in an actual house and with models (and actors) who are also gamers.

A Sony rep says: "One of our agencies discovered this building... and it's actually someone's real home. It's a space with a great deal of personality and it's very PlayStation."

"We recruited many of the models appearing [today] through the PlayStation Facebook page, asking them to send a photo of themselves and tell us why they love PlayStation. We did it because we don%26rsquo;t want fake models feigning an interest in gaming."

Above: Our housedoesn't looklike this

We'll have to wait and see how much of difference this makes to the finished advert, but the published pictures probably give you a fair idea. It's a step in right direction, but we'd still love it if someone went balls out and shot one of these adverts in a messy bedsit with a bunch of unwashed, bleary-eyed GamesRadar editors cursing each other. That would be properly 'keeping it real.'

Not sure if it would be particularly aspirational, though.

May 12, 2010