What monsters will be in God of War III?

The god of the sea has played a part in many ancient Greek tales; most famously he and his massive man nipples stopping Jason and the Argonauts from being crushed in the eponymous movie. He’s yet to feature outside small cutscene appearances in GOW, though, and we think it's high tide time we got to drown the sea-obsessed deity.

Mixing it with Poseidon would help the pacing of the upcoming PS3 game no end. And a battle at sea would hark back to the Hydra encounter from the first game, adding some welcome variation from all the slaughter in ancient tombs and temples. Fighting over a storm-addled ocean might even give Sony Santa Monica the excuse to bring back the ace Pegasus flying sections to help you overcome the giant god.

Another design from by ultra talented Andy Park, Coterus (who's never appeared in Greek mythology) was originally going to appear in the previous game, but, although the design was temporarily scrapped, we could yet be gutting this grizzly on our PS3. We’d love to fight him too. Just let your minds wander over where Kratos would stick all of that electricity…

We admit, we don't know much about him – except that he looks like a seriously miffed, two-headed Yogi Bear, with a sassy electrified Pikachu attitude. But that would merely give Sony Santa Monica a blank slate to craft a battle - where they could give the Coterus almost any power they wanted. And, while there’s no way to ascertain the size of the brute, for a series that throws around more screen-filling boss encounters than Shadow of the Colossus, we guess he'd be bigger than your average bear.

A serpent-like monstrosity with six gruesome heads, Scylla most famously attacked Odysseus and his men – chowing down six of them. She would be perfect boss fodder for the next God of War and a battle with her would mix the scale and intensity of the legendary Hydra tussle with the brutality of the Cerberus fight from the second game.

Requiring a sacrifice of six tasty humans before any ships can pass her cliff-face lair, an encounter with the creature that was once a beautiful woman would be ideal for a mid-boss mini game. Just picture having to find and feed the beast helpless soldiers. It’s just the kind of barbaric, compassionless act that is Kratos’ MO, and would provide a gruesome prelude to all the serpent head lopping.

No, not the cute little Sonic-style rodent, but instead, the terrifying, imposing mother of all mythological monsters. A massive she viper, the Echidna has already made her console debut when she fought Nero and Dante in Devil May Cry 4. While we enjoyed filling her face full of lead in Capcom’s shoot and slasher, it would be nothing on a GOW treatment for the ancient monster.

She’s no friend of the gods either – having previously scaled Mount Olympus to try and kill Zeus – so could there be buddy cop-style misadventures with Kratos and Echidna? Well, no, but maybe we could ride her like a Brumak (Gears of War-style) through an on-rails section, similar to the Pegasus flying bits.

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