What lifestyle gaming pics looked like in the 70s

Ah, the good old days when TVs had wheels.

The kid's made a common lifestyle-model blunder of overselling the product. It's tele-pong, spark, not quantum mechanics.

With all the Pong people were playing back in the 70s it's a wonder there was any time left over to invent disco.

This is either the best or worst. We can't decide.

Learn from a master kids - this is how you get close to a woman.

The 'special' love between a brother and sister isn't strictly a lifestyle. In fact, we're pretty sure it's a criminal offence in most countries.

Lifestyle families can play games without ever looking at what they're doing.

A NES precursor to Wii Fit and the current exergaming fad. Spare towell under the TV essential. Stupid pantomime family not included.

March 20, 2009

Our guide to the grandfathers of gaming

It's junk! It's genius! It's sexy retro plastic