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What do you want from Halo 5?

During the Xbox One E3 showcase, Microsoft teased that Master Chief would be coming to the console in the next Halo game, but it was (and he was) shrouded in mystery. No seriously, he is wearing a full body robe. Other than that we know very little about it, so now is the perfect time for a little wishing and speculation.

What do you want from Halo 5?

I'm am a huge Halo fan, and while I loved the changes made in Halo 4's campaign, I'd love it if Halo 5 took mulitplayer back to basics. No loadouts, no special abilities, just awesome weapons and maps. Keep it simple. Oh, and of course have a perfect recreation of Blood Gulch because who doesn't want that. Right?

Let us know what you want from Halo 5 in the comments section below!

Community Manager for Gamesradar