Here's all the new stuff in Resi 7's updated Beginning Hour demo. Watch us find it

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Resident Evil 7's Beginning Hour demo has updated (as part of this year's Tokyo Game Show) and all sort of things have changed. So far there's a new area, key and some bullets! I'm going to live stream what I've found so far and push on to see what else I can discover. 

UPDATE: Stream's over and archived. It looks currently like the changes are limited. There's a new photo, area, handgun ammo, a basement key and a new window but not much else. Talk is that another update on the 17th will open up even more. 

Here's what the current update adds: 

A new Baker family photo

Previously this just was a picture of Jack and Marguerite. Now it shows them as a younger family with four members. That must be Lucas, the 'bad seed' on the left but the girl is a mystery. Maybe the ghost in the house?

There's a new area

The phone room now has a hole in the wall leading to a new space. That's got all the new stuff which I'll get to now...

The basement key

Currently there's nowhere to put this basement key but my money's on the boarded up door in the cupboard under the stairs. 

The hand

Finally a use for the finger. Not a great one, admittedly. All you can do is attach it to this hand and look at it, but it's a start. My guess is you might add it to an as yet unrevealed dummy to point at something and solve a puzzle. 

Hand gun ammo

There are four handgun bullets in the new area. One under the bed and three in a crate wrapped in yellow tape you can smash when you get the hatchet. As yet there's no gun. 

A window that leads outside

It's locked of course and there's no key but it appears to be a new way out of the  house after the back door. 

There's a new phone message

There's a new message if you choose to answer the phone with the following exchange between the playable character and possible Mia, the woman from the Lantern demo. Remember, the character in the demo isn't Ethan, from the main game, so might not know Mia. 

Here's what they say: 

Woman: "Did you find what you were looking for?"

Player: "Who's this? And what the fuck is going on?"

Woman: "What do you mean? Everything seems fine to me. Just remember, all doors can be opened. If they couldn't, they wouldn't be doors. But some doors must remain closed, for now."

That last bit's the kicker. There are several  boarded up doors in the demo, and one with a broken handle. That message suggests that all of them will be openable at some point. A second update is reportedly due on the 17th which could do just that. For now though, this looks like all there is. I even tried playing through with my PS4 clock set to twilight, like the update name, incase that changed anything. It didn't. 

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