Massive Resi 7 info drop includes new murdery trailer, screens, pre-orders and a demo update. THE FINGER!

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It's all kicking off for Resident Evil 7 today at TGS with a 'Twilight' update for the Beginning Hour demo, new screens and pre-order details. That update has to finally explain Resi's mystery finger.

First up though is the trailer showing more of the killbilly Baker family: shovel murders, not dying, eating chicken guts - they are not right. On top of what looks like a very redneck slasher movie feel, there are some slightly more Resi touches - like the flashing red and blues, and that cop who just immediately makes me think of the Raccoon City incident. 

However, this might be taking more of a Resi 3 Nemesis/Jason Voorhees approach of relentless pursuit. We've previously seen Beginning Hour's Jack Baker looking 'normal' and also slightly more skin-peely. That seems to be explained here by a slight case of being set on fire and not really minding that much. Then there's the son, Lucas, getting his arm hacked up by his own father and simply saying 'not again'. Clearly these people aren't entirely human any more. 

There's a bunch of new screens too: 

However, all anyone's really waiting for is the Twilight update to the Beginning Hour demo. The mystery of what Resident Evil 7's finger is for has been driving fans nuts for ages and this has to solve that. It has been revealed that the update  "allows players to explore more of the mysterious, derelict mansion" so that dummy finger is hopefully a key to a door. 

There's also a few changes to Resident Evil 7 preorder bonuses. The American digital deluxe version which came with the game and a season pass for two additional story episodes ($79.99) has been upgraded to include an an extra episode. If you've already bought it then lucky you, because you don't pay any more. However, from tomorrow, when the new episode arrives, the price will go up to $89.99.

Elsewhere, anyone who pre-ordered the standard or deluxe versions will get a number of bonuses, including the Survival Pack: Recovery Set with extra healing items, there's also a "mysterious in-game Lucky Coin", and access to the Madhouse mode, the game's extra hard mode usually unlocked after completing the game. And there'll also be a dynamic theme. 

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