"We're both goofballs"

Picture the scene… you’re about to head off on holiday – insect bite cream and leopard print thong are packed and then comes the phone call to head in to work…

A scenario that would have most employees getting a little creative when making the boss’s coffee but when you’re Scarlett Johansson, things are different.

“I was taking off for the summer,” the actress states in her husky tones. “I had no plans until this envelope come through my door – then I had this incredible experience working with Woody Allen.”

Johansson is talking about Match Point, last year’s tennis-based romantic drama that forged a mutual respect between herself and Woody – so much so, it lead to her being cast in Allen’s upcoming flick Scoop.

“Scoop is a comedy and it’s very light hearted,” Johansson says. “Woody stars in it too and he abides by the thought that comedy is a serious business.”

Scoop stars Scarlett as an American studying in London who falls for an English aristocrat – but true to form, details about the production have been kept under wraps.

“The audience has this anticipation of the story and there’s no pressure on Woody to deliver any kind of film,” Johansson says of Allen’s tendency to keep a closed set. “It’s like a little mystery. It’s secretive, which is fun.”

So what is the key to hitting it off with the Manhattan helmer?

“We’re both goofballs!” she laughs. “We have a very nice relationship. He’s very particular about how he wants the lines and how he expects them to be delivered and I respond to that. It’s different to Match Point because in Scoop, he’s very hands on whereas on Match Point he was open to the idea that if it didn’t work out we could re-shoot.

Along with Scoop, Johansson’s calendar is bursting with upcoming projects – 6 in the next year in fact – including the James Ellroy adaptation The Black Dahlia, which will see her team up with another heavyweight helmer in Brian De Palma.

“It’s nice to work but I don’t have any expectations beyond this year,” Johansson says with a smile. “I very rarely look any further ahead than the next week you know? I try not to think too far ahead in this line of work because it can be both disappointing and surprising.”

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