Weirdsville review

Canadian director Allan Moyle (Pump Up The Volume) mixes equal parts Spun, Trainspotting and Harold And Kumar to cook up a druggie caper that never hits the highs you expect. Chainmail-clad midgets laying siege to ineffectual Canuck Satanists sounds riotous on paper, but on screen it’s a bust. Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley are Dexter and Royce, a doped duo struggling to pay a debt to unhinged pusher Omar (Raoul Bhaneja). When Royce’s girlfriend (Taryn Manning) apparently ODs, they opt to bury her in a drive-in basement, stumbling upon amateur devil-lovers attempting their first human sacrifice… The script has the substance and the slacker leads have the chemistry, but the execution fumbles the tourniquet, failing to find any rich vein of wackiness. More low buzz than memorable trip, then.

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