Weekly Replay - GTA V, Wind Waker, and more

We know how busy life can get. Sometimes you miss out on the game industry's news, game reviews, and info on upcoming titles. That's why every week we gather up all of the most popular articles in our Weekly Replay. This week, check out our reviews for GTA V and Wind Waker HD. Check out our interview with the Pokemon X and Y Director, and see our list of the best Zelda games of all time. Catch up by clicking on the links below...

Pokemon X and Y: Why?! Director Masuda himself answers

The best Zelda games of all time

GTA 5 review

RadioRadar podcast - Episode 056

Wind Waker HD review


Rockstar's magnum opus is finally here, everything you need to know is in our spoiler-free GTA 5 Review Heist fidelity - become a proper gangster in our comprehensive GTA V video guide and walkthrough

Official Nintendo Magazine

Which indie games should you be looking out for? Here are 20 games that will define the Wii U eShop Will Wii Sports Club encourage families to buy a Wii U this Christmas? Nintendo will be looking to replicate the success of the original with this HD remake.

Official PlayStation Magazine

Get the best out of Los Santos with our handy GTA 5 tips guide to help master Grand Theft Auto.

Get the latest PS4 info & details with this need to know guide.

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

Six ways Xbox One's exclusives back up Microsoft's rhetoric

GTA 5 tips: how to make a million dollars in Los Santos


T3's been busy with Apple's new handsets, read our exclusive Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c to see how we got on. Upgrading to iOS 7?

Check out T3's in-depth iOS 7 review for the lowdown on Apple's new operating system.


The iPhone 5S is here and the verdict is in. It's faster, it has a new camera, but is it enough of an upgrade?Only one way to find out.

There's also a new, more colourful addition to the iPhone family - the iPhone 5C Is Apple onto another winner? Read our definitive verdict.

Total Film

30 Films Where Everyone Dies At The End

Cape Expectations Episode 2: Batman vs Superman Casting Rumours

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