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Wedding Daze review

You are cordially invited to the wedding of American Pie’s sweet underlay and the harder frat gags of Porky’s. Sadly, while this union worked a treat with The 40 Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers, the nuptials of in-mourning loser Jason Biggs and the impulsive waitress (Isla Fisher) he’s just met are a disjointed mess. Trying too hard to up the gross-out ante – especially when it comes to Bigg’s sex-freak parents – Wedding Daze simply leaves the audience cringing. With debut writer/ director Michael Ian Black flinging fields of comic mud at your funny bone, at least some of it sticks. But Biggs remains trapped under the Pie crust, while attempts to re-bottle Fisher’s kooky Crashers schtick come off as half-baked. Worse still, you won’t care whether they end up at the altar or not. Maybe the divorce will be better...

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