We Ski - hands-on

We Ski is the first skiing game to use the Balance Board to steer, and it puts the focus on fun and not exercise. It simulates an entire ski resort, with lifts, other skiers and 14 unique runs, which are all open from the moment you first put in the game. Through exploration you'll find characters around the mountain who offer 70 freestyle events. They're a variety of challenges, such as races, photo shoots or search and rescue missions. That is, if you feel like talking to them. If not, you're free to explore on your own or set-up custom races with your friends.

For players who do want to try the challenges, completing freestyle events earns Star Points to unlock gear for your skiers. The skiers are completely customizable and will have over 170 pieces of equipment and 200 bodytypes. You can play as anyone from a kid to a grandma, or as your Mii. Some of the gear is regular ski stuff, but there's also equipment of the broom and plunger ski-pole variety, although the only effects are cosmetic.

Players who own a Balance Board can use it to control their skier, but for multiplayer games you'll have to use Wii-motes because of technological limitations. In single-player games, the Balance Board acts as the skis, and leaning will turn your skier. The Wii remote and Nunchuk act as ski poles, you can push to gain speed and rotate 90 degrees in or out to tuck in and zoom down hills. To stop quickly, pull back on the analog stick or hold C and B to make a wedge and slow down. The controls are pretty intuitive - if you've ever been skiing, it's like that. We often overcompensated with the Balance Board, but we're learning and with practice we could get the hang of it.

The multiplayer is single-system only, and instead of using the Board, the Wii remote and Nunchuk do all of the controlling. They retain their functions as ski-poles, but are also act as skis. They're held parallel and turned side to side together to turn. It's not the same physical experience, but you'll need it for multiplayer, and it's not like this is the first time you've had to play a game with a controller that can't sense your weight.