We Ski - hands-on

You can challenge your friends in 20 races, 20 slalom courses and five mogul courses. Slalom is raced one at a time, but the others start simultaneously. The mogul courses are graded partially on tricks, which can be done at any time with the d-pad or by shaking the controls in the air, but the game is primarily focused on skiing up and down the mountain.

Aside from using your poles to get around, there are several ski lifts. They're both fully functional and completely skippable, if you don't want to watch the ride. The fastest way around the mountain is to hit the Plus button on the Wii-mote, which opens up a map that lets you instantly zip to any location. While seeing the sights on the mountain, you'll be able to take up to 100 pictures and share them with friends online.

We don't have a firm release date for We Ski yet, but look for it in May, sometime around the release of Wii Fit. When you get tired from all that exercising, you can cool off in the snow.

Mar 3, 2008