WB Montreal Batman ARG leads to short teaser video that hints at the Belfry and Gotham Knights

(Image credit: WB Montreal)

The long-running wild goose chase over WB Montreal's upcoming Batman game is over, and it's led players to a short teaser video uncovered today. 

The newly created r3dakt3d Twitter account shared the final clue, a lock bearing the Court of Owls symbol, earlier today. Fans quickly worked out the combination and put it into the teaser site posted earlier this week, which led to this short video: 

For how difficult it was to unlock – you can only access the video after inputting the previous three codes – there's very little new information in this video. The juiciest tidbit comes right at the start.  The opening, glitchy message seems to read "Connecting to the Belfry," which sounds like a reference to the secret Gotham Knights headquarters inside Old Wayne Tower. Between this, previous Batgirl teases, and old logos shared to Instagram, it's looking more and more like we'll have multiple playable superheroes in the next Batman game. 

Apart from that, the video just stitches together the map pieces released in previous teasers, and the way they're presented supports the theory that we're looking at the in-game map for the next Batman game, but that's not exactly a bombshell. 

Likewise, the reconfirmation that there are 24 hours remaining until WB finally reveals its Batman game is exactly that – reconfirmation. We've known for days that WB will reveal the game at its DC FanDome presentation this Saturday, August 22, so really the big news today is that the hunt is over. Players can finally kick back, put their feet up, and wait for a normal game reveal. 

We'll get our first official look at Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game during DC FanDome as well. 

Austin Wood

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