Watch Titanfall 2's single-player cinematic trailer and see if you're a Pilot candidate

A new cinematic trailer for Titanfall 2's single-player campaign is here, and I get the impression that the main character is kind of into pilots. Not (just?) in a romantic way, I mean, but more in an all-consuming-desire-to-be-one way. They're pretty much the Mary Sues of future combat, what with their graceful acrobatics and peerless mech mastery.

This particular trailer looks like a prelude to Titanfall 2's single-player campaign, in which protagonist Jack Cooper is unexpectedly paired up with his fallen mentor's Titan. Hopefully Jack can control his fanboyish glee long enough to shoot all the bad guys, though I couldn't really blame him either way. I'd probably start hyperventilating if a mech walked up and asked me to climb into its cockpit, too.

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