Watch Super Nintendo World's adorable CGI trailer and check out these plans for kart rides and Mario simulators

Ready to see Super Nintendo World, the new Mario (and friends) themed attraction coming to Universal Studios theme parks? Well, it's still a few years of construction away from opening, but Universal and Nintendo have put out a cute new CGI trailer starring Mario and a bunch of gasping tourists that shows the overall concept for the park. Keep reading even if that's a little too abstract for you - there are some really exciting design sketches for a few of the rides, too.

Adorable, right? Of course, the park probably won't have a real-live Mario and a bunch of hungry Piranha Plants on the premises, unless genetic engineering really takes off in the next few years. But that big shot at the end looks like a pretty feasible version of what Super Nintendo World could end up looking like (just replace the striped green hills with parking lots and Harry Potter rides).

There's Princess Peach's castle on the left and Bowser's castle on the right, with various Mushroom-y buildings that could host their own little attractions between them. Speaking of which, here's an early look at some of the rides Universal is working on for Super Nintendo World

The Mario Kart, Donkey Kong mine cart, and sled races all look pretty self explanatory. But what's the deal with that one ride where all the people are strapped into bulky suits and attached to a lifting and lowering mechanism?

It looks like they have little sensors on the centers of their chests and on their right palms. Could this be the true "Mario experience", letting you feel what it would be like to leap dozens of feet in the air, smash blocks, and throw fireballs? That would be, and I do not say this lightly, the bomb dot com.

Oh man. I really want to do that now. Unfortunately, the first Super Nintendo World attraction won't open until 2020 in Japan. Until then we'll just have to be content watching this adorably geeky groundbreaking ceremony, which includes an appearance from (a clearly super excited) Shigeru Miyamoto.

Miyamoto seems like he'd always be the first one to start dancing at a party and I really respect that. For more Nintendo fun, check out the biggest upcoming Nintendo Switch games and the best Nintendo Switch deals.

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