Watch Rage 2's first gameplay trailer and see Doom plus Mad Max on a hell of an acid trip

I hope you're ready to drive (and shoot) angry, because Rage 2's frenetic action has finally been revealed. The official gameplay trailer for the unlikely post-apocalyptic shooter sequel went live today, following that stylish and somewhat informative live-action Rage 2 trailer from Monday. This video doesn't have nearly as much impractical leather and semi-obscene gestures as the last, but it's a fair trade for all of the grenade baseball and mutant clay pigeon shooting.

Madcap antics aside, the biggest reveal of this trailer might actually be the fact that id Software, the original developer and home of the Doom franchise, is collaborating with Avalanche Software on Rage 2. Avalanche is best known for games like the Just Cause series and - of particular note here - the recent Mad Max game. That open-world expertise should fill out the freeroaming aspects of Rage 2 nicely (they weren't so memorable in the original). Not to mention id has gotten back into fine shooter form since putting out the demon-shredding bliss that was Doom 2016 .

Bethesda plans to release Rage 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2019. It seems like a very solid bet as an E3 2018 game , and I reckon we'll learn a lot more about its heady blend of superpowered FPS action, car combat, and open-world roaming at Bethesda's presentation.

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Connor Sheridan

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