Watch the races of Star Wars: The Old Republic dance in their underwear

Massively multiplayer online RPGs have a long history of interesting dances, usually giving each race's male and female side their own unique /dance animation. Some games have scaled it back, some, like Star Wars Galaxies, have taken it even further, but developers usually fill their games with interesting dances because, well, people like to /dance. Once we got our hands on Star Wars: The Old Republic we thought, "What better way to show off the game's various races than by showing them all /dance?" And so we did.

We booted up the game, took off our clothes, /danced until we couldn't /dance any more, and watched as, to our surprise, most characters starting busting out the same moves. There's usually at least one dance per race, with most games giving each sex their own, too, but SWTOR only has a handful. The only race-specific dance is the Twi'lek's, and it's their social ability - meanwhile, the Cyborg race doesn't even do the robot. What a missed opportunity.

Oh well, we'll just need to settle for a deep MMO experience with the best story in the genre instead of /dancing. Check out the video above to see all of the /dances in action, and let us know what you think.

Hollander Cooper

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